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Wipro’s Ambitious AI Initiative: Training All Employees to Foster an AI-First Culture

Wipro, a leading IT firm, is embarking on a transformative journey to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) fully. Aiming to transition into an AI-first company, the organization plans to train the vast majority of its workforce in AI and generative AI (GenAI), as disclosed by a senior executive.

Last year, Wipro committed a staggering $1 billion investment towards enhancing its AI capabilities over the next three years. The cornerstone of this initiative is the launch of ai360, an innovative ecosystem geared towards prioritizing AI integration across internal operations and client services.

Subha Tatavarti, Wipro’s Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the importance of cultivating an AI-centric culture within the company. She stated, “At some level, all Wipro employees are engaged with AI or GenAI. Our aim with Wipro ai360 is to instill an AI-first mindset, requiring a collective dedication to AI from all.”

Tatavarti revealed that a significant milestone has already been achieved, with over 220,000 employees completing training in AI fundamentals and responsible AI usage. This is a remarkable feat considering Wipro’s workforce totals 240,234 individuals as of December 31.

Furthermore, Wipro boasts a robust ecosystem of over 55,000 AI practitioners, encompassing experts, engineers, consultants, and data scientists. These professionals are committed to embedding AI and GenAI solutions across diverse industries and technological domains.

Wipro has meticulously crafted a comprehensive training curriculum covering AI, machine learning, and GenAI for its employees. The program offers a spectrum of courses tailored to varying proficiency levels, ensuring individuals at all stages of expertise can enhance their skills effectively.

According to Tatavarti, leveraging Wipro’s talent cloud platform, Topcoder, is instrumental in facilitating skilling and up-skilling endeavors. With access to 1.7 million engineers and developers, Topcoder accelerates talent acquisition while aiding clients in scaling AI projects.

In addition to internal initiatives, Wipro plans to augment its talent pool through strategic acquisitions, investments, and incubation programs with startups. These endeavors aim to fortify the company’s AI portfolio and further propel innovation in this domain.

Tatavarti noted that the business landscape is witnessing an ‘inflection point’ concerning AI adoption. Enterprises are transitioning from experimentation to scaling, driven by the pursuit of value generation. Clients seek AI-driven solutions that optimize efficiencies, drive savings, enhance productivity, and unlock new revenue streams.

In conclusion, Wipro’s ambitious endeavor to train its entire workforce in AI signifies a pivotal step towards fostering an AI-first culture. By equipping employees with cutting-edge skills and resources, the company is poised to lead the charge in AI innovation and drive transformative outcomes for its clients and stakeholders.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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