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CIL Exceeds Annual Growth Target, Supplies Record 610.8 Million Tonnes to Power Sector

Coal India Ltd (CIL) has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing its annual supply target to the thermal power sector, delivering a record-breaking 610.8 million tonnes (MT) by March 27, as confirmed by a company official. This accomplishment not only exceeds the set target but also represents the highest coal supply ever recorded to the power sector.

The official highlighted that CIL’s coal supply to the sector witnessed a notable increase of 29.3 million tonnes compared to the corresponding period in the previous fiscal year. This surge in supply signifies the company’s relentless efforts to meet the escalating demands of the power sector, which is experiencing a remarkable growth trajectory.

According to a recent statement by the company, the current average daily supply to coal-fired plants stands at an impressive 1.76 million tonnes, underscoring the escalating demand in the power sector. This consistent supply reflects CIL’s commitment to ensuring uninterrupted energy production to meet the nation’s electricity needs.

With an eye on addressing the anticipated peak demand for electricity, projected to reach 250 gigawatts this summer, CIL has been focusing on ramping up its production capacities. This strategic approach aligns with the company’s vision to play a pivotal role in sustaining the energy requirements of the nation amidst evolving dynamics in the energy landscape.

Highlighting the performance in the previous fiscal year, the official mentioned that in 2022-23, the offtake to power plants reached a commendable 586.6 million tonnes, surpassing the committed supply of 565 million tonnes. This achievement underscores CIL’s consistency in meeting and surpassing its targets, further solidifying its position as a key player in the energy sector.

Data reveals that as of March 26, domestic coal-based power plants reported a coal stock of 47.1 million tonnes, marking a significant increase of 13.7 million tonnes compared to the corresponding period last year. This surge in coal stockpiles signifies the resilience of the coal sector in meeting the escalating demands for energy, despite the evolving landscape favoring cleaner energy sources.

In a global context where there is a growing momentum towards transitioning to cleaner energy alternatives, coal continues to play a pivotal role in meeting the energy demands of emerging economies like India. However, with increasing awareness of environmental concerns, there is a pressing need for coal companies to adopt sustainable practices and explore cleaner technologies to mitigate the environmental impact associated with coal-based energy production.

CIL’s remarkable achievement in surpassing its annual growth target and delivering a record supply to the power sector underscores its unwavering commitment to fueling the nation’s energy needs. As the energy landscape continues to evolve, CIL remains poised to adapt and innovate, ensuring a sustainable and resilient energy future for the nation.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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