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HCLTech Plans to Hire Over 10,000 Freshers from Campuses for FY25, Prioritizing Internal Fulfillment

HCL Technologies, a leading IT services giant, announced during its Q4 earnings call a significant recruitment plan for the fiscal year 2025 (FY25). The company revealed its intention to hire more than 10,000 fresh graduates from campuses, following a strategy similar to the previous year.

Ramachandran Sundararajan, Chief People Officer at HCLTech, shared insights during the call, stating, “In FY24, we aimed to recruit approximately 15,000 freshers, but due to various factors, we exceeded this target and added over 12,000. For FY25, we plan to continue this momentum with a target of 10,000 plus freshers.”

During Q4 of FY24, HCLTech welcomed 3,096 freshers, contributing to a total of 12,141 freshers added throughout the fiscal year. The company’s total headcount in Q4 reached 227,481.

Sundararajan emphasized that the recruitment strategy for the upcoming fiscal year will involve spreading fresher additions across each quarter based on demand. He also noted a slight decrease in attrition, which stood at 12.4% in Q4, down from 12.8% in the previous quarter.

Regarding contract hiring, HCLTech expressed its focus on internal fulfillment to meet demand whenever possible. Sundararajan stated, “Contract hiring is driven by demand and our ability to fulfill it internally. We resort to contractual hiring only when necessary.” He highlighted a decrease in the need for contractual fulfillment in FY24.

Looking ahead to FY25, the company plans to invest more in internal capabilities and skilling efforts to reduce reliance on contract staffing. Sundararajan emphasized that contract staffing will remain tactical and serve as a support for demand that cannot be met internally.

HCLTech’s commitment to hiring fresh talent aligns with its broader strategy of nurturing young talent from campuses. The company’s campus programs and fresher hiring initiatives will continue to be a crucial part of its growth strategy for FY25.

The emphasis on internal fulfillment and investment in skilling reflects HCLTech’s proactive approach to talent management and capacity building. By prioritizing internal resources, the company aims to ensure continuity and quality in its service delivery while minimizing dependency on external contractors.

In conclusion, HCL Technologies’ plan to hire over 10,000 freshers for FY25 underscores its commitment to nurturing young talent and maintaining a robust workforce to meet evolving market demands. Through strategic recruitment and investment in internal capabilities, the company aims to sustain its growth trajectory in the competitive IT services landscape.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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