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Cyberpeace Foundation Hosts Cybersecurity Awareness Session at Maitreyi College, University of Delh


In a proactive endeavor to bolster cybersecurity awareness among students, the Cyberpeace Foundation orchestrated an illuminating session at Maitreyi College, University of Delhi. Led by Arya Tyagi and Deepak Yadav, this event aimed to enlighten the youth about the critical importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital age.

In an era marked by escalating reliance on digital platforms and an ever-expanding threat landscape in cyberspace, understanding the fundamentals of cybersecurity has become imperative. Recognizing this pressing need, Cyberpeace Foundation, a leading non-profit organization committed to cybersecurity education and advocacy, joined forces with Maitreyi College to host an insightful session for students.

Arya Tyagi, a cybersecurity Trainer representing Cyberpeace Foundation, shared invaluable insights into the diverse facets of cyber threats and the proactive measures individuals can undertake to safeguard themselves against such risks. Through real-life examples and interactive discussions, Tyagi underscored the significance of adopting secure online practices and exercising vigilance while navigating the digital domain.

Deepak Yadav, another esteemed representative from Cyberpeace Foundation, delved deeper into the intricacies of cyber hygiene, emphasizing the pivotal role of proactive cybersecurity measures in mitigating potential risks. Yadav’s expertise in the field equipped attendees with practical tips and strategies to fortify their digital presence and shield themselves from cyber threats.

The session at Maitreyi College witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, who eagerly absorbed the knowledge imparted by Tyagi and Yadav. From grasping the importance of robust passwords to identifying phishing attempts, attendees gleaned valuable insights empowering them to traverse the digital landscape safely and responsibly.

Reflecting on the event, Arya Tyagi expressed, “Today’s youth must be well-versed in cybersecurity risks and embrace proactive measures to safeguard themselves online. Our session at Maitreyi College aimed to arm students with the requisite knowledge and tools to navigate cyberspace securely.”

Deepak Yadav concurred, stating, “As cyber threats evolve, individuals must remain vigilant and informed. By cultivating cybersecurity awareness among students, we can foster a safer digital ecosystem for all.”

The collaboration between Cyberpeace Foundation, Arya Tyagi, Deepak Yadav, and Maitreyi College exemplifies a collective endeavor to cultivate a cyber-resilient society. Amidst the global challenges posed by cyber threats, initiatives like these play a pivotal role in raising awareness and instilling a culture of cybersecurity consciousness and responsibility among the youth.

About Cyberpeace Foundation: Cyberpeace Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cybersecurity awareness, capacity building, and advocacy. With a mission to create a secure cyberspace for all, the foundation conducts workshops, training programs, and awareness campaigns to empower individuals and organizations to effectively combat cyber threats.

Contact Information: For more details about Cyberpeace Foundation and its initiatives, please contact:

Email: info@cyberpeace.org

Website: www.cyberpeace.org

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