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Unemployment, Inflation, and ‘Bhagidari’: Rahul Gandhi Highlights Key Issues Facing India

During his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Dondaicha village, Dhule district of Maharashtra, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi underscored the pressing issues of unemployment, inflation, and ‘bhagidari’, stating that these challenges demand immediate attention. Gandhi accused the Centre of deflecting focus from these real problems and emphasized the necessity of addressing them effectively.

Gandhi interacted with the locals, highlighting the significance of conducting a caste census as a groundbreaking and revolutionary measure. He reiterated the Congress’s commitment to carrying out a caste census if his party assumes power at the Centre. “The next crucial step would involve an economic and financial survey,” Gandhi affirmed, emphasizing its importance in providing clarity to marginalized communities such as Dalits, minorities, and tribals about their socio-economic status.

Asserting the absence of representation for the underprivileged in various sectors, Gandhi criticized the lack of inclusion of individuals from the poor general category, Dalits, tribals, or minorities in the media, Election Commission, bureaucracy, private hospitals, and educational institutions.

Gandhi lambasted the Modi government’s policies, particularly its leniency towards the wealthy while neglecting the plight of farmers. “The government has waived off Rs 16 trillion for the rich; therefore, why can’t it waive the debts of farmers?” he questioned. Drawing attention to the alarming wealth disparity, Gandhi revealed that 22 individuals in the country possess wealth equivalent to that of 700 million people. He emphasized that while half of the population holds only three percent of the country’s wealth, a mere 22 individuals control over 50 percent of it.

Further, Gandhi criticized the Centre’s Agnipath scheme, alleging that it undermines the welfare of soldiers by denying them martyr’s status and pension. He accused the government of diverting funds allocated for soldiers’ benefits towards the defense business of private companies.

In his address, Gandhi cautioned against allowing distractions to deter the focus from crucial socio-economic issues. “Since you don’t ask questions, your attention can easily be diverted,” he warned, urging the public to remain vigilant and prioritize pressing concerns like unemployment, inflation, and equitable wealth distribution.

Through his remarks, Rahul Gandhi reiterated the Congress’s commitment to addressing the core challenges facing India and advocated for inclusive policies aimed at fostering socio-economic equality and prosperity for all citizens

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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