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Gabriella Demetriades Sets Focus on Models in Upcoming Fashion Show with Insights from Partner Arjun Rampal

Gabriella Demetriades, the dynamic South African model and actor-turned-designer, is on the brink of unveiling her latest fashion spectacle. As she readies herself for the limelight, she’s determined to shift the spotlight from Bollywood glitter to the dazzling prowess of models gracing the runway. This visionary approach sets her apart in Mumbai’s fashion landscape, where celebrity endorsements often overshadow the true essence of design.

In a candid reflection, Gabriella acknowledges the prevalent Bollywood obsession within the industry. “We are a little bit Bollywood-obsessed! If you don’t have a big actor as your showstopper then you don’t get a lot of press,” she remarks. However, her vision extends beyond this fixation. With an earnest desire to challenge norms, she emphasizes, “I want the focus to be on the models and how good they look in the designs because that’s what sells internationally. I am rooting to break some stereotypes here.”

Supporting her in this endeavor is her husband, Arjun Rampal, a stalwart in the realm of modeling and acting. While their career trajectories diverge, they converge in creative synergy. Gabriella reveals, “I get a lot of inputs from him. He will say things like ‘Oh, this one is going to be a bestseller’ or ‘That is an amazing design’ or ‘I am not sure about this color’…so he does definitely have an opinion.”

Their recent collaboration on the movie Crakk exemplifies this creative exchange. Gabriella’s adept styling for Arjun Rampal’s character garnered widespread acclaim. “He’s beyond satisfied with my work,” she beams. “Everybody on the sets loved the outfits too as they were trying to steal the clothes.” This project not only showcased Gabriella’s talent but also facilitated precious moments of togetherness amid their demanding schedules.

In Crakk, Gabriella sourced outfits from London, infusing a global flair into her designs. This attention to detail and penchant for international aesthetics underscore her commitment to excellence.

As Gabriella Demetriades prepares to unveil her fashion extravaganza, she stands as a beacon of innovation, challenging conventions and championing the raw talent of models. With Arjun Rampal’s unwavering support and insightful contributions, she continues to carve her niche in the ever-evolving world of fashion and design.

Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth

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