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Arjun Khanna: Pioneer of Vintage Fashion in India Blending History and Style

Arjun Khanna: Pioneering Vintage Fashion, Blending History with Style

Nestled in a picturesque lane of Kala Ghoda in Mumbai, above the bustling Kala Ghoda Cafe, lies the treasure trove of designer Arjun Khanna’s store. Stepping into this enclave is akin to embarking on a journey through time, as objects from different eras and timelines adorn the space with tasteful allure. From refurbished helmets of the 1940s to vintage leather trunks repurposed as decor, Khanna’s store is a veritable time capsule, each item carefully curated to evoke a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance.

Arjun Khanna is not merely a collector of antiques and vintage furniture; he is a visionary in the realm of Indian fashion, embodying the ethos of the three Rs—recycle, reuse, repeat—long before they became trendy hashtags on social media. His fascination with the unique and the unconventional traces back to his adolescence, where the mundane uniformity of school attire sparked a desire for individuality within him. “I always sought to stand out from the crowd. Even as a young boy, I would customize my uniform, refusing to conform to the norm,” Khanna reminisces.

While Khanna harbored dreams of soaring through the skies as a member of the Indian Air Force, familial influences steered him towards a different trajectory. “My family’s military background instilled a sense of discipline and adventure in me, but ultimately, it was the allure of fashion that captivated my soul,” he reflects. Combining his passion for history and clothing, Khanna embarked on a journey that would redefine Indian fashion.

Khanna’s store not only serves as a sanctuary for vintage enthusiasts but also as a testament to his commitment to sustainable fashion practices. Each piece tells a story, echoing the principles of recycle, reuse, and repeat that have become synonymous with his brand. “Sustainability isn’t just a trend for me; it’s a way of life,” he affirms.

As the fashion industry increasingly embraces the allure of vintage aesthetics and sustainable practices, Arjun Khanna stands as a beacon of innovation and authenticity. His journey from a young dreamer with a penchant for uniqueness to a trailblazing designer has not only reshaped the landscape of Indian fashion but also redefined the narrative of style, infusing it with history, heritage, and a timeless charm that transcends generations.

Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth

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