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Key Issues in Focus as RSS Apex Body Gathers: Manipur Crisis, Sandeshkhali Incident, Farmer Protests, and More

As the RSS’s apex policy-making body, the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS), prepares to convene in Nagpur next week, a spectrum of pressing issues looms over the agenda. Among these are the ongoing turmoil in Manipur, the Sandeshkhali incident in West Bengal, farmer protests in Punjab, the proposed nationwide implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), and the formulation of a population control policy.

One of the primary concerns on the ABPS agenda is the escalating conflict in Manipur. With suggestions for managing the situation flooding in, the RSS is actively engaging with various communities, including the Kuki community, to facilitate dialogue between the state’s valley and hill regions. Amidst challenges posed by radical organizations and external influences, finding a resolution through constructive dialogue remains imperative.

The Sandeshkhali incident, implicating members of the ruling TMC in harassment and assault allegations, has drawn significant attention. This episode underscores the urgent need for societal introspection and corrective measures. The ABPS may delve into strategies to address such issues and foster a safer environment for all citizens.

The farmer protests, particularly highlighted by recent events in Haryana, will also feature prominently in discussions. While advocating for remunerative prices for farmers’ produce, the RSS aims to find a balanced approach that addresses the concerns of all stakeholders involved.

Regarding the UCC, the RSS is poised to reiterate its stance on safeguarding tribal communities’ interests and cultural heritage. Emphasizing the importance of wider consultation, the RSS seeks to ensure that any implementation respects regional diversities and community sensitivities.

Population control policies, often contentious, will be approached with caution, leaning towards consensus-building rather than punitive measures. The RSS acknowledges the complexity of such issues and advocates for inclusive deliberations before any decisive action.

Furthermore, the ABPS will explore the concept of Swadeshi, emphasizing the promotion of Indian languages and culture. Encouraging responsible practices, such as modest celebrations, aligns with the ethos of preserving cultural integrity.

Notably absent from the discussions are contentious issues like the Gyanvapi mosque and Mathura Idgah, which are undergoing legal proceedings. The RSS maintains a stance of deference to the judiciary on such matters.

As the ABPS anticipates over 1,500 attendees, preparations for the RSS’s centenary celebrations will also be deliberated upon. While past efforts focused on expanding the organization’s reach, discussions will now shift towards planning the centenary festivities, slated to commence in 2025.

In essence, the upcoming ABPS meeting signifies a concerted effort by the RSS to address multifaceted challenges while staying true to its principles of inclusivity and cultural preservation. By fostering dialogue and seeking holistic solutions, the RSS aims to navigate complex issues with pragmatism and foresight.


Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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