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Budget 2024: Positive Industry Feedback on MSME 45-Day Payment Rule

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has garnered favorable feedback from industry stakeholders regarding the recently introduced 45-day payment cycle for MSMEs. This update, announced as part of Budget 2024, aims to ensure timely payments to MSMEs, which play a crucial role in the economy by fostering innovation, generating employment, and contributing significantly to GDP.

Positive Reception from Industry

According to a senior official, the industry has responded positively to the 45-day payment mandate, acknowledging it as a step towards enhancing the financial stability and operational efficiency of MSMEs. Timely payments are critical for these enterprises as they often operate on thin margins and limited working capital. The new rule is designed to alleviate the financial strain on MSMEs by ensuring they receive payments for goods and services within a stipulated timeframe, thus improving cash flow and reducing dependency on external financing.

Addressing Concerns

Despite the overall positive feedback, there were initial concerns from some MSMEs regarding the implementation of the 45-day payment rule. These concerns centered around the possibility that large companies might circumvent the rule by shifting their procurement to unregistered enterprises, thereby avoiding the penalties associated with non-compliance. Non-compliance with the 45-day payment rule attracts penalties, and buyers failing to adhere to this timeline cannot deduct payments made to MSMEs from their taxable income. This provision aims to enforce discipline among buyers, but it also raised apprehensions about potential negative impacts on the demand for MSME products and services.

Ensuring Compliance and Fairness

To address these concerns, the Ministry of MSME has emphasized the importance of compliance and the broader benefits of adhering to the payment rule. The government has assured MSMEs that mechanisms will be in place to monitor compliance and take action against entities attempting to evade the rule. Additionally, the Ministry is exploring measures to support MSMEs in transitioning to the new system, including increased access to finance and resources for capacity building.

Enhancing MSME Ecosystem

The introduction of the 45-day payment rule is part of a broader strategy to strengthen the MSME ecosystem in India. By ensuring timely payments, the government aims to create a more favorable business environment for MSMEs, encouraging innovation and competitiveness. The rule also aligns with the government’s vision of fostering a robust and resilient MSME sector that can contribute to sustainable economic growth.

Industry’s Role in Supporting MSMEs

Industry leaders have expressed their commitment to supporting the implementation of the 45-day payment rule. Many large corporations recognize the value of a healthy MSME sector and are willing to comply with the new regulations to promote mutual growth. By fostering strong relationships with MSME suppliers and ensuring timely payments, larger companies can contribute to a more stable supply chain and a vibrant economy.


The positive feedback from the industry regarding the 45-day payment rule for MSMEs is a promising sign for the future of the sector. While challenges remain, the government’s proactive approach and the industry’s willingness to collaborate are steps in the right direction. Ensuring timely payments will not only enhance the financial health of MSMEs but also contribute to a more dynamic and resilient economic landscape.

As the Budget 2024 initiatives take effect, the continued engagement between the government, MSMEs, and larger enterprises will be crucial in realizing the full potential of this policy. With sustained efforts and a collective commitment to compliance, the 45-day payment rule can significantly boost the growth and development of MSMEs across India.

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