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Record Number of Women’s Rights Complaints in 2024: Uttar Pradesh and Delhi Lead the Way

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has reported an alarming surge in complaints received in 2024, tallying up to 12,600 cases to date. Among the states, Uttar Pradesh stands out with the highest number of complaints, followed by Delhi and Maharashtra, according to the latest official data.

The most significant category of complaints falls under the right to dignity, excluding domestic violence, with 3,107 reported cases. This category covers various forms of harassment and violations of personal dignity. Close behind are complaints of domestic violence, which total 3,544, indicating a persistent issue in households across the nation.

The NCW data reveals a concerning number of dowry harassment complaints, with 1,957 cases reported. Additionally, there were 817 complaints of molestation, highlighting the widespread nature of this issue. Complaints of police apathy towards women reached 518, reflecting systemic challenges within law enforcement in addressing women’s grievances effectively.

Serious crimes such as rape and attempts to rape were reported 657 times, showcasing the grave safety concerns faced by women. Sexual harassment also remains a significant issue, with 493 complaints filed. The rise of digital connectivity has unfortunately brought a spike in cyber crime against women, with 339 cases reported. Stalking and honour crimes were also notable, with 345 and 206 complaints, respectively.

Uttar Pradesh emerges as the state with the most complaints, a staggering 6,470, more than half of the total received by the NCW. This figure underscores the critical need for interventions and robust measures to protect women’s rights in the state. Delhi, the national capital, follows with 1,113 complaints, indicating substantial urban challenges in safeguarding women. Maharashtra, one of the most populous states, reported 762 complaints.

Other states with significant numbers include Bihar with 584 complaints, Madhya Pradesh with 514, and Haryana with 506. Rajasthan registered 408 complaints, Tamil Nadu 301, West Bengal 306, and Karnataka 305, highlighting that the issue of women’s safety and rights is a nationwide concern.

These statistics reflect a growing awareness and willingness among women to report injustices, yet they also underscore persistent societal and systemic issues that need urgent attention. The NCW’s role in addressing these complaints is crucial, but the data suggests that much more needs to be done at both state and national levels to ensure the safety, dignity, and rights of women across India.

The record number of complaints in 2024 is a call to action for policymakers, law enforcement agencies, and society as a whole to address the root causes of these issues and implement effective solutions. As awareness increases, so must the resources and support systems to protect and empower women, ensuring that their rights are upheld and their voices heard.

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