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June 14, 2024

Andhra Pradesh Launches Recruitment Drive for Over 16,000 Teaching Positions

In a significant move to bolster the education sector, the Andhra Pradesh government has initiated a large-scale recruitment drive to fill 16,347 teaching positions in government schools. This announcement, made on Thursday, marks the first step towards fulfilling a major election promise by newly appointed Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

Chief Secretary Neerabh Kumar Prasad issued a Government Order (GO) outlining the directives for the recruitment process, with the aim of completing the hiring by the end of 2024. Prasad emphasized the importance of the Mega District Selection Committee (DSC) 2024 in streamlining and expediting the recruitment process.

“Government hereby decides to fill up 16,347 teacher posts in School Education and other line departments dealing with education through Mega DSC 2024,” Prasad stated in the official order. The recruitment initiative reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing educational infrastructure and addressing the shortage of qualified teachers in the state.

The recruitment drive is a critical component of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s broader strategy to fulfill his election promises. Upon assuming office, Naidu’s first action was to endorse the teacher recruitment initiative, demonstrating his dedication to educational reform. In addition to this, Naidu has also approved several other projects aimed at improving social welfare and public services.

One notable initiative is the enhancement of welfare pensions. Minister N Ramanaidu announced that welfare pensions for eligible beneficiaries would be increased to Rs 4,000 per month. In a press conference held at the secretariat, Ramanaidu detailed the disbursement plan, stating that Rs 7,000 would be distributed to each beneficiary on July 1. This amount includes Rs 1,000 each for the months of April, May, and June, combined with the newly enhanced Rs 4,000 monthly pension.

The government is also focused on reviewing and enhancing the volunteer system. This system, which involves volunteers assisting with various public service tasks, will continue to operate with improvements to increase its effectiveness and reach.

Furthermore, Minister Ramanaidu mentioned that the government plans to release department-wise white papers. These documents will provide transparency and detailed insights into the workings of different departments, ensuring accountability and informing the public about ongoing and upcoming initiatives.

The launch of the Mega DSC 2024 and the government’s commitment to welfare improvements signify a robust approach to governance under Chief Minister Naidu’s leadership. The recruitment of a substantial number of teachers not only aims to improve the quality of education in Andhra Pradesh but also addresses the long-standing issue of teacher shortages in government schools.

As the state prepares for the Mega DSC 2024, the administration’s focus will be on ensuring a transparent, efficient, and fair recruitment process. This drive is expected to attract qualified candidates dedicated to contributing to the state’s educational progress.

Overall, the Andhra Pradesh government’s recent actions reflect a proactive and comprehensive strategy to enhance both education and welfare services. By prioritizing these areas, the government aims to build a stronger, more educated, and socially secure state, setting a benchmark for other regions to follow.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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