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June 10, 2024

Reliance Power Achieves Debt-Free Status: A New Era of Financial Stability

Reliance Power has successfully achieved debt-free status on a standalone basis, marking a significant milestone in its financial journey. According to sources, the company has cleared all outstanding dues to lenders, effectively erasing a debt that once stood at approximately Rs 800 crore.

Clearing the Debt

Between December 2023 and March 2024, Reliance Power engaged in multiple debt settlement agreements with several prominent banks, including IDBI Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and DBS. Through these agreements, the company systematically repaid its entire debt, thus reaching a crucial financial benchmark. The company’s efforts to settle these dues underscore its commitment to financial health and strategic management.

Strategic Asset Sales

A pivotal part of Reliance Power’s debt repayment strategy involved the strategic sale of certain assets. In December 2023, the company sold the development rights of its proposed 1,200 MW hydro-electric project in Arunachal Pradesh to THDC for Rs 128 crore. This was followed by the sale of its 45 MW wind energy project in Vashpet, Maharashtra, to JSW Renewable Energy in March 2024 for Rs 132 crore. The proceeds from these transactions were instrumental in retiring the company’s debt.

Strengthening Financial Base

With an equity base of Rs 4,016 crore and the participation of over 38 lakh retail investors, Reliance Power has reinforced its financial foundation. The company’s move to become debt-free is expected to enhance investor confidence and provide a solid platform for future growth and expansion.

Operational Excellence

Reliance Power continues to operate an impressive capacity of 5,900 MW, which includes the 3,960 MW Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP) and the 1,200 MW Rosa Thermal Power Plant in Uttar Pradesh. The Sasan UMPP, one of the largest integrated coal-based power plants globally, remains a cornerstone of the company’s operations. These facilities not only highlight the company’s operational prowess but also its commitment to contributing to India’s power sector.

Future Prospects

Achieving a debt-free status is a significant milestone for Reliance Power, signaling a new era of financial stability and growth potential. This accomplishment positions the company favorably for future ventures and strategic initiatives, particularly in the renewable energy sector where it has already shown considerable progress. The sale of its wind energy project to JSW Renewable Energy underscores its focus on optimizing its portfolio and pursuing sustainable energy solutions.


Reliance Power’s journey to becoming debt-free is a testament to its strategic foresight and robust financial management. By clearing its outstanding dues and leveraging asset sales effectively, the company has set a strong precedent for financial discipline. As Reliance Power moves forward, it stands well-positioned to capitalize on new opportunities and drive continued success in the power sector.

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