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Farmer Leaders Seek Fair Probe in Kangana Ranaut Slapping Incident

In a recent development, farmer leaders Sarwan Singh Pandher and Jagjit Singh Dallewal have approached the Punjab Director General of Police (DGP) to demand a fair investigation into an incident involving actress Kangana Ranaut. The incident, which took place at Chandigarh Airport, allegedly involved a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) constable slapping Kangana Ranaut.

Jagjit Singh Dallewal emphasized the need for a thorough and impartial investigation, stating, “We believe that the incident was merely a security check that escalated unnecessarily and should not be turned into a Hindu-Sikh issue.” He further demanded access to meet the involved girl and her family to ensure transparency in the investigation process. “The DGP has assured us that a free and fair investigation will be conducted,” he added.

Pandher echoed similar sentiments, praising Punjab BJP President Sunil Jakhar for his objective stance. “Sunil Jakhar should be praised for his statement, as he played the role of a true Punjabi without succumbing to any pressure,” said Pandher. He highlighted the importance of maintaining the dignity of the uniformed personnel involved in the incident.

Discussing the details of the incident, Pandher referred to Ajit Grewal’s account, which suggested that the altercation stemmed from a security check involving Kangana’s purse and mobile phone. Pandher questioned whether Kangana had cooperated with the CISF constable and respected her during the security process.

On Thursday, the CISF took immediate action by suspending the lady constable who was allegedly involved in the incident. This action came amid growing concerns and accusations from various quarters.

The constable in question revealed that her mother was one of the farmers protesting against the now-repealed farm laws. “Kangana made a derogatory remark that farmers were sitting there for Rs 100, questioning whether she would sit there herself. My mother was among those protesting when Kangana made this statement,” the constable explained.

This incident has drawn significant attention, not only due to Kangana Ranaut’s celebrity status but also because of the sensitive context of the farmers’ protests. The farmer leaders’ insistence on a fair probe highlights the ongoing tensions and the need for an unbiased resolution to the matter.

The controversy underscores the broader issues at play, including the treatment of protesters, the behavior of security personnel, and the public statements made by influential figures. As the investigation proceeds, all eyes will be on the Punjab police to ensure that justice is served without prejudice.

This incident serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding public demonstrations and the importance of maintaining decorum and respect on all sides. It also calls for a reflection on the responsibilities of public figures and security personnel in handling such situations.

As the investigation unfolds, stakeholders are hopeful that a fair and transparent process will prevail, providing clarity and resolution to all parties involved. The assurance from the Punjab DGP and the proactive approach of the farmer leaders indicate a commitment to justice and accountability in addressing this high-profile incident.

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