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Tripura to Launch EV Charging Stations in Agartala: Power Minister’s Announcement

In a significant stride towards promoting electric vehicles (EVs) in Tripura, the state’s Power Minister, Ratan Lal Nath, announced on Thursday that the Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited (TSECL) is set to establish four EV charging stations in Agartala and its surroundings. This initiative marks a crucial step in the state’s efforts to embrace sustainable transportation.

The proposal, which seeks the necessary funds, has been submitted to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under the Union Ministry of Power. At present, Tripura lacks public EV charging infrastructure, a gap that this new project aims to fill.

Minister Nath highlighted that the state’s commitment to fostering electric mobility began with the adoption of an e-vehicle policy. “In our state, TSECL has been designated as the nodal agency for electric vehicle charging stations,” Nath told ANI in an exclusive interview. “According to Tripura’s e-vehicle policy, the Transport Department will handle logistical aspects such as land acquisition and manpower.”

The proposed locations for the charging stations include Nagerjala, Radhanagar, the TSECL corporate office—all situated in Agartala—and Chandrapur, located on the outskirts of the city. This strategic placement is expected to make EV charging more accessible to the public, thereby encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

The Power Minister emphasized the collaborative efforts between the transport and power departments. “Both departments are working diligently on the project,” he said. This partnership is essential for the successful implementation of the EV charging infrastructure.

In addition to the EV charging stations, Nath revealed progress on another critical project: the electrification of the railway line. “Within the next few months, the electrification of the railway line will be completed. Over 90 percent of the work is already done, and the remaining work will be accomplished soon. This project is being given great priority at the national level,” he added.

The establishment of EV charging stations in Agartala is expected to have a profound impact on the region’s transportation landscape. It aligns with broader national objectives to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy solutions. By providing the necessary infrastructure, the state government aims to make electric vehicles a more viable option for residents, thereby contributing to a greener future.

Tripura’s move to set up EV charging stations is part of a growing trend across India, where states are increasingly recognizing the importance of supporting electric mobility. As more states adopt similar initiatives, the country moves closer to achieving its goals of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and minimizing environmental pollution.

The proposal to BEE outlines the funding requirements and logistical plans for the new charging stations. If approved, this project will set a precedent for other states in the region, showcasing the benefits of investing in EV infrastructure.

Minister Nath’s announcement underscores the state’s proactive approach to embracing technological advancements and sustainable practices. With the completion of these charging stations, Tripura will join the ranks of progressive states that are paving the way for an electric future.

In conclusion, the planned EV charging stations in Agartala represent a significant milestone in Tripura’s journey towards sustainable transportation. The collaboration between the power and transport departments, along with support from the BEE, highlights the concerted efforts to promote electric vehicles in the state. As the project progresses, it promises to bring about positive changes in the region’s transportation infrastructure, benefiting both the environment and the residents of Tripura.

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