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Historic First: CRPF Promotes 2,600 Cooks and Water Carriers

In a historic move, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has promoted 2,600 cooks and water carriers, marking the first time in its 85-year history that these personnel have received such recognition. This significant development underscores the evolving dynamics within the country’s largest paramilitary force, highlighting its commitment to acknowledging the crucial roles played by its diverse staff.

The CRPF, which boasts a formidable strength of approximately 325,000 men and women, has a sanctioned cadre of 12,250 personnel dedicated to cooking and water-carrying duties. These individuals are integral to the force’s daily operations, ensuring the seamless functioning of kitchens, canteens, and other administrative services that sustain the troops.

In an unprecedented order issued on Wednesday, 1,700 cooks and 900 water carrier personnel were promoted from their constable ranks to head constables. This monumental step, confirmed by a senior CRPF officer, is a first in the long history of the force, which was established in 1939 during the British era. The officer explained that the cadres of cook and water carrier were formally recognized in 2016 following the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations.

Historically, these personnel were recruited at the lowest hierarchical levels and faced a career-long stagnation, often retiring in the same rank they were initially assigned. This promotion marks a significant departure from the past, where cooks and water carriers, despite serving for an average of 30-35 years, had no scope for career advancement.

The decision to promote these personnel stems from a comprehensive proposal developed by the CRPF and subsequently approved by the Union Home Ministry. This initiative aims to address the long-standing aspirations of these essential staff members, ensuring they receive similar opportunities for advancement as their counterparts in other cadres.

Each CRPF battalion relies heavily on its approximately 45 cooks and water carriers to maintain the health and morale of its troops. These personnel play a critical role in keeping the force combat-ready by providing nutritious meals and essential services. Their promotion not only boosts their morale but also enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the force.

The recent promotions cover personnel recruited between 1983 and 2004, with plans to extend similar opportunities to the remaining staff in due course. This move is part of a broader trend within the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs), aimed at recognizing and rewarding the contributions of all personnel, regardless of their roles.

The CRPF, designated as the country’s lead internal security force, operates in some of the most challenging environments, including left-wing extremism (LWE) areas, counter-terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir, and anti-insurgency missions in the northeast. The promotion of these essential personnel highlights the force’s commitment to maintaining high morale and operational readiness across all its units.

This landmark decision follows a similar precedent set by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) last year, where personnel working as cooks, water carriers, barbers, washermen, and sweepers were also promoted. Such initiatives reflect a growing recognition within the CAPFs of the vital support roles these personnel play in sustaining the operational capabilities of India’s paramilitary forces.

In conclusion, the promotion of 2,600 cooks and water carriers within the CRPF is a historic and commendable step, ensuring that every member of the force, regardless of their role, is given the opportunity to advance and be acknowledged for their contributions. This move not only rectifies a long-standing oversight but also sets a precedent for future reforms within the CAPFs, fostering a more inclusive and motivated workforce.

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