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Haryana Unveils Rs 10,000 Crore Project to Tackle Air Pollution

In a significant move to combat air pollution, Haryana Chief Secretary T.V.S.N. Prasad announced on Monday that the state government will soon launch a Rs 10,000-crore project, funded by the World Bank, aimed at addressing this critical environmental issue. The Haryana Clean Air Project for Sustainable Development will be rolled out in phases, beginning with the National Capital Region (NCR) districts and eventually expanding to the entire state.

Phased Implementation for Maximum Impact

The phased approach of the Haryana Clean Air Project is designed to ensure comprehensive and effective implementation. The first phase will focus on the NCR districts, where air pollution levels are notably high. Once the initial phase proves successful, the project will be replicated throughout the state, aiming to establish a sustainable framework for air quality improvement across Haryana.

World Bank-Funded Initiative

This ambitious ten-year project underscores the importance of collective efforts by all stakeholders to mitigate air pollution. With financial backing from the World Bank, Haryana’s commitment to cleaner air is evident. Prasad emphasized the need for cooperation among various sectors to achieve the project’s goals.

Enhancing Air Quality Monitoring

A critical component of the project is the enhancement of Haryana’s air quality monitoring infrastructure. The initial phase includes establishing a state-of-the-art laboratory and modernizing four existing laboratories. Additionally, a dedicated programme management unit will be set up to oversee the project’s implementation, ensuring that all activities are well-coordinated and progress is closely monitored.

Promoting Clean Energy and Industrial Compliance

Industries will play a pivotal role in the Haryana Clean Air Project. Financial incentives will be provided to encourage industries to switch to clean fuels for boilers and adopt cleaner diesel generator sets. These initiatives aim to reduce industrial emissions significantly. Retrofitting existing generators or purchasing new ones that comply with stricter emission standards will also be promoted, further contributing to cleaner air.

Expanding Green Spaces

Urban areas will see an increase in green spaces through the establishment of biodiversity parks and green belts. These green spaces not only improve air quality but also enhance the overall urban environment. By increasing vegetation, the project aims to create natural air filters that can absorb pollutants and provide cleaner air for residents.

Combating Stubble Burning

Stubble burning is a major contributor to air pollution in Haryana. The project aims to address this issue by promoting in-situ crop residue management practices. Raising awareness about the benefits of bio-decomposers will be a key strategy. These bio-decomposers accelerate the decomposition of crop residue, reducing the need for burning and thereby lowering pollution levels.

Strengthening Air Quality Institutions

Haryana has already made significant strides in strengthening its air quality measurement and monitoring institutions. The state has established four sample-testing laboratories, 29 Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (CAAQM) stations, and 39 Manual Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (MAAQM) stations in different districts. These facilities provide crucial data that informs policy decisions and helps track progress in air quality improvement.

A Comprehensive Approach

The Haryana Clean Air Project for Sustainable Development represents a comprehensive approach to tackling air pollution. By focusing on infrastructure enhancements, industrial compliance, green space expansion, and stubble burning mitigation, the project addresses the issue from multiple angles. This multi-faceted strategy is essential for achieving long-term improvements in air quality.


Haryana’s Rs 10,000-crore initiative, supported by the World Bank, marks a significant step towards sustainable development and cleaner air. With a well-structured plan and a phased implementation approach, the Haryana Clean Air Project aims to create a healthier environment for all residents. As the project progresses, it will serve as a model for other states in India and beyond, demonstrating the power of collaborative efforts in addressing environmental challenges.

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