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Suzlon Group Secures 82 MW Wind Energy Project from Oyster Green

Suzlon Group, a prominent player in the renewable energy sector, announced on Friday that it has secured a significant wind energy project from Oyster Green Hybrid One Pvt Ltd. This project, with a capacity of approximately 82 megawatts (MW), marks a substantial step in Suzlon’s ongoing efforts to expand renewable energy solutions in India.

The project, located at Oyster Green’s site in Agar, Madhya Pradesh, will feature the installation of 26 wind turbine generators (WTGs). Each of these generators will have a rated capacity of 3.15 MW, highlighting Suzlon’s advanced technological capabilities. “Suzlon secures a new order of 81.9 MW for the 3 MW series from Oyster Green Hybrid One Private Limited,” the company confirmed in a statement.

Under the terms of the agreement, Suzlon will be responsible for supplying the wind turbines and managing the entire project execution process. This includes the erection and commissioning of the turbines, ensuring a seamless integration of the new wind energy capacity. Post-commissioning, Suzlon will also provide comprehensive operations and maintenance services to ensure the longevity and efficiency of the wind farm.

The electricity generated from this project will primarily serve the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customer segment. This initiative aims to deepen the penetration of renewable energy within India, providing a sustainable energy solution for industries seeking to meet their net-zero goals. Vivek Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer of Suzlon Group’s India Business, emphasized the importance of this project, stating, “We are committed to powering the industry with sustainable green energy to power their progress while meeting their net-zero ambitions.”

Suzlon Group, headquartered in Pune, is one of the leading renewable energy solutions providers globally, with an impressive installed capacity of 20.7 gigawatts (GW) of wind energy across 17 countries. This latest project with Oyster Green underscores Suzlon’s dedication to expanding its footprint in the renewable energy sector and its commitment to delivering sustainable energy solutions that align with global environmental goals.

The project not only reinforces Suzlon’s position as a key player in the renewable energy market but also contributes significantly to India’s renewable energy targets. By integrating cutting-edge technology and comprehensive service solutions, Suzlon continues to drive the growth of sustainable energy infrastructure, supporting both national and global efforts to combat climate change.

This 82 MW wind energy project is a testament to Suzlon’s expertise and its strategic approach to meeting the increasing demand for clean energy. It reflects the company’s ability to deliver large-scale renewable energy projects that cater to diverse customer segments and support sustainable development.

In conclusion, Suzlon Group’s partnership with Oyster Green Hybrid One Pvt Ltd for the 82 MW wind energy project is a milestone in the company’s journey towards promoting renewable energy in India. With advanced technology, comprehensive service solutions, and a commitment to sustainability, Suzlon is poised to continue its leadership in the renewable energy sector, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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