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Gurugram Police Restricts Nighttime Vehicle Stops and Traffic Challans

In response to numerous complaints regarding nighttime vehicle checks, the Gurugram Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for Traffic, Virendra Vij, has issued new directives aimed at minimizing the inconvenience to drivers. Effective immediately, traffic officers are prohibited from stopping vehicles and issuing challans during nighttime hours unless prior permission is obtained from senior officials.

In a letter dated May 28, DCP Vij outlined these instructions explicitly. “Traffic Inspectors are ordered to command all the employees appointed under them in their jurisdiction that no vehicle should be stopped at night and no challan should be issued. If it is very necessary to issue a challan to a driver as per the MV Act, in that situation, the challan of that vehicle should be issued as per rules only after bringing it to the notice of the concerned gazetted officer/undersigned and obtaining permission,” the letter stated.

DCP Vij emphasized that non-compliance with these orders would result in severe consequences. He warned that strict departmental action would be taken against any officer who neglects these guidelines. “The orders should be strictly followed. In case of negligence and carelessness, strict departmental action will be taken against the concerned traffic police officer as per rules with immediate effect,” he stressed.

The deployment of night traffic police in Gurugram was originally intended to ensure smooth traffic flow and address common nighttime inconveniences. However, the initiative led to complaints from the public about traffic police unnecessarily stopping vehicles and issuing unwarranted challans. In light of these issues, the new policy aims to balance the need for law enforcement with the public’s convenience and safety.

DCP Vij clarified the revised role of night traffic personnel, emphasizing their duty to assist drivers, ensure safe routes, and manage road accident scenarios. “The traffic personnel deployed at night should play an important role as Traffic Police, Gurugram by guiding and helping the common people and drivers and arranging safe routes to take them to their destinations. In the event of a road accident, injured persons should be immediately admitted to the nearest trauma center, and the accident-hit vehicles should be promptly removed from the main road to allow traffic to flow smoothly,” he stated.

Despite these restrictions, DCP Vij assured the public that the traffic police would maintain vigilance against drunk driving to prevent major accidents. Night campaigns against drunk drivers will continue to be conducted three to four days a week, reflecting the ongoing commitment to road safety in Gurugram. Millennium City has been plagued by instances of reckless driving and dangerous stunts at night, necessitating a balanced approach to traffic management.

In conclusion, the new directives from the Gurugram police represent a significant shift in nighttime traffic enforcement policies. By requiring prior approval for issuing challans and focusing on driver assistance and road safety, the police aim to address public grievances while ensuring that traffic regulations are upheld effectively. The emphasis on assisting drivers and managing accidents highlights a more supportive role for the traffic police, reinforcing their commitment to public service and safety.

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