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Pune Porsche Case: Police to Use AI for Digital Reconstruction of Fatal Accident

The Pune Crime Branch is set to employ cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) tools for a digital reconstruction of the tragic Porsche car crash that claimed the lives of Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa. The accident, which occurred around 2:15 am on May 19 in the Kalyani Nagar area, involved a minor driving the Porsche, who had reportedly been celebrating his Class 12 results at a nearby pub and consuming alcohol prior to the collision.

Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar confirmed the involvement of a minor in the incident, highlighting the severe consequences of underage drinking and reckless driving. According to a senior official from the Pune Police, as reported by the Times of India, the crime branch will utilize sophisticated AI technology to digitally reconstruct the accident scene, a novel approach in forensic investigation.

The official stated that a highly skilled cyber expert would lead the digital reconstruction, utilizing advanced AI-powered software to meticulously recreate every detail of the incident. This includes the movement of vehicles, the number of individuals present, the speed of the Porsche, and other critical factors. The use of AI is particularly crucial in this case, as the accused is a minor and cannot be physically taken to the accident site. The forensic department’s input will also be integrated to ensure a comprehensive and accurate reconstruction.

In a related development, the Pune Police have arrested two doctors from Sassoon General Hospital, Dr. Ajay Taware and Dr. Shrihari Harnor, on charges of manipulating the blood sample of the 17-year-old involved in the crash. The manipulation aimed to alter the results to possibly mitigate the severity of the charges against the minor. The investigation revealed that Taware was not cooperative during interrogation, evading critical questions about his actions and motivations.

Further investigations uncovered that Taware exchanged 14 calls with the boy’s father shortly before the blood sample was tampered with. The police are diligently working to uncover the specifics of how the blood samples were switched and to trace any financial transactions that might have influenced Taware’s actions. The exact amount of money or other inducements promised by the minor’s father remains a focal point of the investigation.

Additionally, the Pune District Court has remanded the father and grandfather of the minor accused to police custody until May 31. This legal move underscores the serious nature of the charges and the comprehensive efforts by the police to hold all responsible parties accountable.

The minor has been charged with rash and negligent driving, causing harm by endangering life or personal safety under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), and relevant sections of the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Act. On May 21, the police also invoked Section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act against the teen, addressing the offence of driving under the influence of alcohol.

In the wake of the accident, the Pune Police apprehended Vishal Agarwal, the father of the teen, from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. The arrest signifies the law enforcement’s intent to address all facets of the case, from the immediate actions of the minor to potential complicity by family members and professionals involved in evidence tampering.

This case highlights the critical role of advanced technology in modern law enforcement and forensic investigation. The digital reconstruction using AI will provide a detailed and objective account of the accident, aiding in delivering justice for the victims and ensuring accountability for all those involved.

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