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Delhi Implements Rs 2,000 Fine for Water Wastage: DJB Deploys 200 Teams to Tackle Crisis

In response to a severe water shortage exacerbated by an acute heat wave and insufficient water release from Haryana, Delhi’s Water Minister Atishi has mandated strict measures to conserve water. The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) will impose a fine of Rs 2,000 on individuals caught wasting water in the national capital. This initiative aims to curb the misuse of the city’s precious water resources during a critical period.

Minister Atishi, in a recent letter, instructed the DJB to mobilize 200 teams across Delhi. These teams will focus on preventing the washing of cars with piped water, stopping the overflow of water tanks, and prohibiting the use of domestic water supplies for construction or commercial purposes. The directive underscores the urgency of addressing water wastage amidst the current environmental and supply challenges.

“There is an acute heat wave in Delhi and a shortage of water supply since Haryana is not releasing Delhi’s share of water. Under these circumstances, the conservation of water becomes extremely important. However, it has been seen that there is serious wastage of water in many parts of Delhi. There are also illegal connections taken by construction sites and commercial establishments, from water supply meant for domestic use. There is a need to crack down on this misuse of water,” said Atishi.

Starting from 8 am on Wednesday, the DJB teams will be deployed across the city. They will have the authority to disconnect any illegal water connections found at construction sites or commercial establishments. This aggressive stance aims to ensure that the limited water available is used judiciously and primarily for essential domestic needs.

The DJB has also announced a new water supply schedule as part of its water rationing strategy. Areas that previously received water supply twice a day will now receive it only once daily. “I know that where water is being supplied twice a day, people will be troubled if it is cut off for once a day, but I appeal to all Delhiites that we should not think only about ourselves. We should think about everyone,” Atishi appealed to the public.

The summer bulletin from the DJB reported that Delhi’s total water production on Tuesday was 978 million gallons per day (MGD), with the Wazirabad treatment plant contributing 110 MGD against its capacity of 131 MGD. This represented a slight improvement from Monday’s production of 969.32 MGD.

Minister Atishi highlighted the declining water levels at the Wazirabad treatment plant as a critical concern. “The water level at Wazirabad was 674.5 ft on May 1. This is the average level that should be maintained. Last year in April, May, and June, the minimum level was maintained at 674.5 ft.” However, data revealed a steady decline in Wazirabad’s water level: from 674.5 ft on May 1 to 672 ft by May 8, and 671 ft by May 20.

To combat this decline, borewells that previously operated for 6-7 hours are now running for 14 hours daily. This adjustment aims to supplement the water supply, ensuring that Delhi residents receive an adequate amount despite the ongoing challenges.

The DJB’s stringent measures and the deployment of enforcement teams underscore the government’s commitment to addressing the water crisis head-on. By imposing fines and disconnecting illegal connections, the Delhi government hopes to significantly reduce water wastage and promote responsible usage among residents. This initiative is a crucial step towards sustainable water management in the face of climate challenges and inter-state water disputes.

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