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May 21, 2024

Government Proposes New Regulations for Radar Speed Guns, Seeks Public Feedback

The Consumer Affairs Ministry has announced a call for public comments on proposed new regulations for microwave doppler radar equipment used to measure vehicle speeds on roads. The ministry has set a deadline of June 11 for the submission of comments, as detailed in a recent circular.

These draft regulations mandate that any radar speed equipment installed after the finalization of the rules must undergo verification and receive official stamping within one year. The aim is to ensure the accuracy and reliability of speed measurements, which are often used in legal proceedings related to traffic violations.

For radar equipment that is already in use, the rules specify that it must be verified and stamped at the time of its scheduled re-verification. Additionally, any equipment that is due for re-verification within the next year must comply with these new verification and stamping requirements within one year of the new rules being enacted.

The proposed regulations are intended to standardize the conditions under which radar speed measurements can be considered legally valid. This step is crucial to uphold the integrity of speed enforcement practices and to ensure that speed measurement tools meet specific accuracy standards.

The ministry’s initiative to seek public input highlights the importance of community involvement in shaping regulations that impact road safety and legal processes. By soliciting feedback, the government aims to create comprehensive and effective rules that reflect the needs and concerns of all stakeholders, including law enforcement, motorists, and legal professionals.

In summary, the draft rules for radar speed guns are designed to enhance the precision and dependability of speed measurement on roads, thereby supporting fair and accurate enforcement of traffic laws. The Consumer Affairs Ministry’s invitation for public comments underscores its commitment to transparency and public participation in regulatory development.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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