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Randstad Digital Targets India’s GCCs for IT Business Growth

Randstad Digital, the digital arm of Randstad, is strategically focusing on India’s Global Capability Centres (GCCs) to drive its IT business growth. With a revenue of approximately $3 billion, Randstad Digital forms a significant part of the broader Randstad portfolio, which reported a total revenue of €25.4 billion (about $27 billion) in 2023.

Formed in 2023, Randstad Digital absorbed the IT recruitment business from Randstad India and expanded its services to include user experience, analytics, and cybersecurity solutions. About 30% of Randstad Digital’s operations are solution-based, aligning closely with the services provided by traditional IT firms. Leveraging a team of around 20,000, Randstad Digital prides itself on its unique combination of technological and talent expertise.

“The biggest acceleration a GCC needs for scaling up is a partner who can bring the right talent strategy with a flexible model and help them establish their brand. That is where we play a big role. Many service providers see GCCs as a threat, but we see them as a big opportunity,” said Venu Lambu, CEO of Randstad Digital, in an interview with Business Standard. Lambu, who joined Randstad from LTIMindtree in January, underscores the critical role Randstad Digital plays in developing comprehensive talent strategies and facilitating seamless talent movement across geographies.

According to a Nasscom-Zinnov report, India hosts 1,600 GCCs employing 1.66 million professionals. These centres are evolving from back-office operations to hubs of innovation and quality, driving complex business processes such as knowledge process outsourcing, tech development, and analytics. “Global enterprises are setting up GCCs in India as strategic assets for innovation and quality delivery, not just for cost savings,” Lambu noted.

Randstad Digital’s key verticals include banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), automotive, aerospace, and high-tech sectors. The company operates on a global delivery model, with centres in India, Romania, Latin America, and Quebec (Canada). “In Europe, we focus on the automotive and aerospace sectors. In the US, we work extensively in data centres, infrastructure management, and cloud modernisation,” Lambu explained.

A cornerstone of Randstad Digital’s strategy is its talent-centric approach, which it believes gives it a competitive edge. “Talent is key in any digital transformation, and we, being a talent-centric organisation, know how to deploy and manage talent. You can’t do the best GenAI use case if you don’t have access to the best GenAI talent,” Lambu stated.

To support this approach, Randstad Digital has established a GenAI Talent Hub, an ecosystem of specialised talent or “Pods” tailored to each stage of responsible AI adoption across the business value chain. These Pods consist of experts in GenAI, tasked with overcoming challenges related to AI talent acquisition, deployment of computing resources, identification of AI-worthy datasets, and addressing ethical, reputational, legal, and regulatory concerns.

In a move to bolster its digital talent capabilities, Randstad Digital acquired Torc, an AI-powered talent marketplace, on May 16. This acquisition focuses on expanding Randstad’s reach in Latin America, the US, and India. Torc’s AI-driven platform enhances skill-based matching, connecting digital talent with clients globally, and accelerating access to capabilities in cloud, data, digital engineering, and customer experience.

By aligning its strategies with the evolving needs of GCCs and leveraging its robust talent management framework, Randstad Digital is well-positioned to drive significant growth in the IT sector, both within India and globally.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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