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Madhurima Guruju’s Stunning Comeback: From Plagiarism Heartbreak to Triple-Volume Tribute on Naveen Polishetty!

Musings on Life, Musings and Memories were a couple of poetry books penned by author Madhurima received a wide range of appreciation back then in the year of 2021.

As the Crisis of Covid had impacted the entire nation, people sought solace through her words which was the author’s aim that was fulfilled with rave reviews. However, the author then disappeared from limelight after her novel was shelved as one of the renowned production houses plagiarised her story resulting in havoc to the process of her manuscript.

Although, this became an opportunity for Madhurima to rebuild her hopes on projects that were planned a long time ago. And as per the sources, the author is wrapping her manuscript for not just one but for even on her highly anticipated project on Naveen Polishetty.

When we candidly discussed with Madhurima, she said with excitement that she designed a plan to release the books on Naveen Polishetty in 3 volumes which is in fact being approved by the publication team. We were surprised after learning that an upcoming actor like Naveen Polishetty gets to be published in 3 volumes for which the reasons were elaborated.
‘I actually wrote blogs to discern the perspective of readers. I was curious if they could be intrigued and drawn to my content. To my surprise, I was beyond amazed after receiving love for my work and even expanded it to other countries. The blogs were clean and the publication team found them in reverence for the work of Naveen Polishetty. Hence I decided to transform them into a manuscript and build it as Volume 1 later followed by the other two volumes’

After the declaration, the blogs were terminated but Madhurima is even building a few more chapters containing interesting facts on Naveen Polishetty.

‘I have been watching his interviews and taking note of key information to elaborate on it. Quite a challenge but I got complete clarity for my process which feels rewarding’ quips the author.

Madhurima’s poetry book will be released in the month of June and the book on Naveen Polishetty – Volume 1 will be wrapped by August. On this note, we wish her the best.

Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy

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