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Government Unveils Ambitious 100-Day Road Map: 700km High-Speed Corridors, 3,000km Highway Projects, and More

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is set to embark on an ambitious 100-day plan, including the operationalization of 700 kilometers (km) of high-speed corridors, awarding 3,000 km of highway projects, and implementing a scheme for cashless treatment for accident victims. These initiatives come as part of the government’s agenda following the Lok Sabha elections.

In its monthly report to the Union Cabinet, MoRTH outlined its strategic roadmap, developed in consultation with various agencies and stakeholders, focusing on the first 100 days of the new government and the Viksit Bharat program.

The ministry has been working on a significant Cabinet proposal worth Rs 20 trillion aimed at sanctioning highway works aligned with Vision 2047. However, this proposal is pending Cabinet approval. According to a senior government official, obtaining Cabinet approval is crucial to ensuring the timely execution of highway projects and maintaining the momentum of highway construction.

MoRTH aims to construct over 1,700 km of highways within the first three months after the elections and award contracts for over 3,000 km. The ministry faced challenges in the previous financial year, missing its original target of awarding nearly 13,000 km of highways, primarily due to delays in obtaining Cabinet approval for the Revised Estimates of Bharatmala.

The ministry’s agenda also includes the test launch of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, building on initiatives launched by Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari in 2022. Additionally, MoRTH plans to address ‘blackspots’ on national highways, where historically, road traffic accidents have been concentrated.

Despite substantial investments in road infrastructure, road accidents remain a pressing issue in India. In 2022, over 460,000 accidents were reported, resulting in 168,491 fatalities, the highest since 2005. The ministry aims to mitigate the loss of life by launching a cashless treatment program for accident victims.

Furthermore, as part of its 100-day agenda, MoRTH plans to operationalize 50 wayside amenities, adding to the existing 50 already in operation across the country. These amenities are aimed at providing necessary facilities and services to travelers along highways.

In summary, the government’s 100-day road map for the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways outlines a comprehensive strategy to boost infrastructure development, address road safety concerns, and accelerate highway construction across the country. With a focus on high-speed corridors, highway projects, and initiatives for accident victims, the ministry aims to make significant progress in the transportation sector within a short timeframe.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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