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Second Fireworks Factory Explosion Strikes Sivakasi, Raising Safety Concerns

In the early hours of Saturday, a sudden explosion rocked a fireworks manufacturing unit in Sivakasi, causing extensive damage to three rooms of a godown. Fortunately, no casualties were reported as workers had not yet arrived for the day. This incident marks the second major explosion in the region within a week, following a tragic blaze at the Sengamalapatti fireworks unit that claimed ten lives.

Preliminary investigations conducted by the police and district administration revealed serious safety violations at the private factory in Sengamalapatti. It was found that the factory had exceeded the permitted number of workers and had neglected safety protocols while manufacturing firecrackers. A senior police official stated that appropriate action, including the temporary cancellation of the factory’s license, would be taken in light of these violations.

The explosion at the Narayanapuram unit occurred around 6 am, tearing off the roof of the godown and engulfing three rooms where fireworks were stored. Firefighters were promptly dispatched to the scene to extinguish the flames. According to initial reports, the explosion may have been triggered by a chemical reaction involving remnants of explosive substances that were improperly disposed of.

These incidents highlight the urgent need for stricter enforcement of safety regulations in Sivakasi’s fireworks industry. Despite being a major hub for fireworks production, safety measures are often overlooked, leading to frequent accidents and loss of life. The recent tragedies underscore the importance of ensuring that all factories adhere to strict safety protocols to prevent such disasters from occurring in the future.

Authorities must conduct thorough inspections of all fireworks manufacturing units to ensure compliance with safety standards. This includes monitoring the number of workers employed, proper storage and disposal of explosive materials, and regular maintenance of equipment. Additionally, there should be increased awareness among factory owners and workers about the potential risks associated with fireworks production and the importance of following safety guidelines.

Furthermore, the government should provide support and incentives for factories that prioritize safety and invest in modern technology to reduce the risk of accidents. This could include subsidies for upgrading equipment, training programs for workers, and financial assistance for implementing safety measures.

In conclusion, the recent explosions at fireworks manufacturing units in Sivakasi serve as a wake-up call for authorities to address the lax safety standards prevalent in the industry. By enforcing stricter regulations and promoting a culture of safety, future tragedies can be prevented, ensuring the well-being of workers and the surrounding communities

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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