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17 IT Hardware Firms Under PLI Set to Kick Off Production This Year, Says IT Secretary

A significant stride is expected in India’s IT hardware sector this year as 17 out of the 27 firms selected under the production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme are gearing up to commence production, according to a statement by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) Secretary, S Krishnan. This announcement comes as a boost to the government’s efforts to bolster domestic manufacturing and strengthen the country’s position in the global IT market.

“About 17 out of 27 PLI companies will start production this year. Around 6-7 of them started production last year and two have plans to start production next year,” Krishnan disclosed during the inauguration of a new high-end computing server manufacturing unit by Netweb Technologies.

The PLI scheme for IT hardware, approved by the government in November 2023, has seen participation from major players including Dell, HP, Foxconn, Lenovo, and Netweb Technologies. Among the prominent names that have been granted approval are Flextronics, VVDN, and Optiemus. Additionally, Padget Electronics, SOJO Manufacturing Services, Goodworth, Neolync, Syrma SGS, Mega Networks, Panache Digilife, and ITI Ltd are among the other companies that have received the green signal.

Krishnan also emphasized the preference for domestic companies in the Rs 10,372-crore India AI Mission, which aims to drive AI development in the country. The Cabinet’s approval of the India AI Mission on March 7 this year marked a significant step towards fostering a robust AI ecosystem.

With an outlay of Rs 10,372 crore for five years, the India AI Mission seeks to build a high-end scalable AI ecosystem through public-private partnerships. The mission will be implemented through the IndiaAI Independent Business Division (IBD) under Digital India Corporation (DIC), further strengthening the government’s commitment to technological innovation and indigenous manufacturing.

The focus on domestic companies in initiatives like the PLI scheme and the India AI Mission reflects the government’s broader strategy to promote self-reliance and stimulate economic growth in the technology sector. By incentivizing production and innovation in IT hardware and AI, India aims to position itself as a global hub for technology manufacturing and development.

The upcoming commencement of production by the majority of PLI beneficiaries is a positive indication of the scheme’s effectiveness in driving investments and spurring manufacturing activity in the IT hardware segment. It also underscores the confidence of industry players in India’s potential as a key player in the global IT landscape.

As these firms gear up to start production, the IT hardware sector is poised for significant growth, creating employment opportunities, driving innovation, and contributing to the country’s economic progress. With continued government support and industry collaboration, India’s journey towards becoming a manufacturing powerhouse in the technology domain is set to accelerate further.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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