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May 8, 2024

Indian Americans Overwhelmingly Support PM Modi’s Third Term, Citing Transformative Policies

An influential leader within the Indian American community has revealed that a majority of Indian Americans strongly support Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a third term, attributing their endorsement to the transformative impact of his government’s policies.

Ajay Jain Bhaturia, a prominent Indian-American Democratic fundraiser, emphasized that Indian Americans have played a significant role in the economic growth of the United States and take pride in contributing to its prosperity. Bhaturia underscored that witnessing similar economic growth in India fills them with a sense of pride and connection to their homeland.

“Most Indian Americans want Prime Minister Modi to come back. It’s a sense of pride for them that when India shines, they shine,” Bhaturia stated in an interview with PTI. He highlighted India’s impressive economic growth rate of six to seven per cent, projecting that it would surpass Japan to become the fourth-largest economy by the end of the year and potentially secure the third spot by 2027, trailing only the US and China.

Bhaturia attributed the overwhelming support for Modi’s third term to the positive impact of his government’s policies across various sectors, including commerce, small and large businesses, railways, and road infrastructure. He emphasized the importance of sustaining this growth trajectory and expressed the community’s belief that reelecting Prime Minister Modi is essential for India’s continued success.

Furthermore, Bhaturia pointed out significant advancements under Modi’s leadership, such as the increase in cashless transactions, improved access to health and life insurance, and enhanced security measures that have effectively curbed terrorist threats in the country.

“Prime Minister Modi has been very effective in reaching out and connecting with the diaspora,” Bhaturia remarked, citing instances like President Biden’s state dinner in 2023, which saw over 4,500 Indian Americans gathered at the White House’s South Lawn. He emphasized the emotional connection that Indian Americans maintain with India, particularly those who have immigrated from the country, and their pride in witnessing its progress.

“The people who have come from India are very emotionally connected. When they see the economic growth of India, when they see the development of rural India, when they see that the security of India has improved in the last 10 years…the current Modi government has eliminated the terrorist threats or incidents of terrorism happening in the country,” Bhaturia stated.

In conclusion, the overwhelming support for Prime Minister Modi’s third term among Indian Americans reflects their admiration for the government’s transformative policies and their desire to see India continue on its path to success under his leadership.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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