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Manipal Hospitals Expands Presence in Eastern India with 87% Stake Acquisition of Medica Synergie

In a move to bolster its presence in Eastern India’s healthcare sector, Manipal Hospitals announced on Monday its acquisition of an 87 per cent stake in Kolkata-based hospital chain Medica Synergie. The exact financial details of the acquisition remain undisclosed.

The acquisition marks a significant step for Manipal Hospitals, as it strengthens its foothold in Eastern India, a region with considerable healthcare needs. Through a binding agreement, Manipal Hospitals has secured the majority stake in Medica Synergie, aligning with its strategic vision of expansion and accessibility to quality healthcare.

Dilip Jose, MD & CEO of Manipal Hospitals, emphasized the importance of this acquisition in meeting the healthcare demands of the under-served Eastern region. “With this acquisition, Manipal Hospitals builds on its strong presence in Eastern India, enabling us to expand our reach and meet the healthcare needs of this under-served region,” said Jose.

Furthermore, he stated, “We will integrate Medica Synergie into our portfolio and rebrand it,” indicating the hospital’s intention to assimilate Medica into its existing network, ensuring a seamless transition for patients and staff alike.

The addition of Medica Synergie significantly augments Manipal Hospitals’ capacity, increasing its bed count from over 9,500 to over 10,500. This expansion underscores the hospital’s commitment to providing accessible healthcare services to a wider population, particularly in regions with limited medical infrastructure.

This is not the first major acquisition by Manipal Hospitals in recent years. In September 2023, the hospital chain acquired an 84 per cent stake in Emami Group’s AMRI Hospitals Ltd., further consolidating its position in the Indian healthcare industry.

The acquisition of Medica Synergie is expected to bring several advantages to Manipal Hospitals, including access to a larger patient base, synergy in operations, and the opportunity to leverage Medica’s expertise in specific medical specialties.

Medica Synergie, known for its quality healthcare services, operates multiple hospitals across Eastern India, providing a range of medical specialties and treatments to its patients. By integrating Medica into its network, Manipal Hospitals aims to enhance the quality and scope of healthcare services available to the residents of Eastern India.

Manipal Hospitals’ strategic expansion into Eastern India reflects the growing demand for advanced medical facilities and services in the region. As healthcare needs continue to evolve, such acquisitions play a crucial role in ensuring access to quality healthcare for all segments of society.

With its focus on innovation, technology, and patient-centric care, Manipal Hospitals remains committed to delivering world-class healthcare solutions across the country. The acquisition of Medica Synergie is a testament to this commitment and underscores Manipal Hospitals’ position as a leader in the Indian healthcare landscape.

In conclusion, Manipal Hospitals’ acquisition of an 87 per cent stake in Medica Synergie represents a significant milestone in its journey towards expanding its presence in Eastern India. By combining resources and expertise, Manipal Hospitals aims to further elevate healthcare standards in the region, making quality medical services more accessible to all.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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