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March 23, 2024

Foundit CEO Unveils Ambitious Plan: India to Foster 24 Million Tech-Savvy Professionals for Global Markets

Spearheading a transformative initiative, Sekhar Garisa, CEO of Bengaluru-based job placement platform Foundit, foresees India cultivating a staggering 24 million tech-savvy skilled professionals tailored for the global marketplace within the forthcoming 3-5 years. Garnering momentum, Foundit, renowned for its dedication to facilitating career opportunities, has already emboldened 90 million registered job seekers. Remarkably, 70 percent of this massive cohort—equating to a formidable 63 million individuals—hails from esteemed Indian technology institutes.

Amidst the glimmering launch of its next-generation recruitment solution app in Singapore, Garisa elaborated on India’s pivotal role in furnishing adept talent. “India remains one of our biggest sources of skilled manpower, especially the Indian technology institutes,” he underscored, elucidating the pivotal contribution of these institutions in sculpting a robust talent pool primed for global deployment.

Presently, Foundit orchestrates 60 percent of its job placements within India, with Southeast Asian nations accounting for 35 percent and the Middle East claiming a modest 5 percent share. However, with ambitious projections, Garisa anticipates a seismic shift in the talent landscape. Over the next 3-5 years, Foundit aims to amass a colossal database boasting 600 million skilled professionals sourced through a rigorous global talent hunt. A staggering 80 million of these individuals are anticipated to emanate from India, supplementing the existing 56 million skilled workers.

Formerly recognized under the moniker Monster, Foundit’s strategic rebranding in 2022 heralded a reinvigorated focus on the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern regions. Embracing the challenge of aligning job vacancies with qualified individuals, Garisa acknowledged the ubiquitous skill shortage plaguing global markets. Despite the omnipresent challenge, technological prowess has emerged as a potent ally in bridging this gap. Tech-driven platforms, adept at collating data from expansive online networks, play a pivotal role in connecting job seekers with prospective employers.

In tandem with burgeoning technological innovations, Foundit has forged alliances with 100 companies across India in recent months. This symbiotic relationship has yielded tangible results, culminating in an impressive 80 percent surge in recruiter productivity. Buoyed by this success, Foundit has expansively introduced its next-generation recruitment solution across various Southeast Asian nations including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, as well as key markets in the Middle East such as the United Arab Emirates.

As Foundit continues to navigate the dynamic terrain of global talent acquisition, its resolute commitment to fostering tech-savvy professionals remains unwavering. With India poised to emerge as a formidable powerhouse in the global talent ecosystem, the collaborative efforts of industry stakeholders, propelled by technological innovation, are poised to redefine the contours of talent acquisition in the digital age.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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