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Remembering Sushant Singh Rajput: Co-Star Ranvir Shorey Recalls Their Cosmic Connection on the Sets of ‘Sonchiriya’

In the realms of Bollywood, Sushant Singh Rajput stood out not only for his acting prowess but also for his profound passion for science, particularly in physics and astronomy. Fondly remembered for his love for the cosmos, the late actor left an indelible mark on his co-stars, notably during the filming of ‘Sonchiriya’, where his enthusiasm for the stars shone brightly.

Recalling the cherished moments spent on the sets of ‘Sonchiriya’, actor Ranvir Shorey, who shared the screen with Sushant, delves into the unique bond they shared over their mutual fascination with physics. “I wouldn’t say we were close, but we were friends. We worked together. He had been home a few times. And we actually got along quite well during the two-month-long shoot of ‘Sonchiriya’. And we bonded over physics because both of us love physics. We had a lot of conversations on that,” reminisced Ranvir.

One particular instance etched in Ranvir’s memory was when Sushant brought his advanced telescope to the sets to witness a lunar eclipse with Saturn aligning behind it. The gesture was not merely about stargazing but about sharing a profound experience with his colleagues. “I remember when we were shooting, there was an eclipse. It was a lunar eclipse and Saturn was lining up behind it. He flew down his big telescope from Bombay just for that,” Ranvir shared. Sushant’s infectious enthusiasm prompted a gathering, complete with drinks and snacks, as they marveled at the celestial spectacle unfolding before their eyes.

Reflecting on the experience, Ranvir expressed the profound impact of viewing the celestial bodies through the telescope, emphasizing the unparalleled quality of the experience compared to watching it on a screen. The memory remains a testament to Sushant’s insatiable curiosity and his eagerness to share the wonders of the universe with those around him.

Tragically, Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise in June 2020 sent shockwaves through the industry, leaving behind a legacy that transcends the silver screen. While investigations into his death continue, the memories of his passion for science, his warmth, and his camaraderie endure, reminding us of the cosmic connection that binds us all.

As the investigation into Sushant’s death unfolds, his legacy as a passionate advocate for science and a cherished friend continues to resonate, immortalizing his spirit beyond the realms of cinema.

Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth

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