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Delhi Airport Facilitates Smooth Transshipment of 8,000 Metric Tonnes of Bangladeshi Cargo

Delhi Airport, a pivotal hub for international trade, has marked a significant milestone in facilitating the smooth transshipment of Bangladeshi cargo. Operated by DIAL (Delhi International Airport Ltd), the airport has successfully transshipped over 8,000 metric tonnes (MT) of cargo from Bangladesh to various destinations worldwide within a span of just one year.

The initiation of the transshipment facility for Bangladeshi cargo on February 26, 2023, heralded a new era of expedited and cost-effective shipping routes for export cargo on the international stage. Since its inception, Delhi Airport has played a pivotal role in transshipping over 80 lakh kilograms (equivalent to 8,000 MT) of readymade garments to European nations, including prominent destinations like Spain, Netherlands, and France.

Bangladesh’s apparel industry has found robust demand in global markets, with the European Union emerging as the second-largest export destination, closely followed by the UK and Canada. Leveraging Delhi Airport’s strategic location and efficient logistics, Bangladeshi exporters have gained access to a seamless pathway for their products to reach international shores swiftly and efficiently.

During the period spanning from April 2023 to January 2024, Delhi International Airport Ltd reported transshipment figures exceeding 5.17 lakh metric tonnes of international cargo, underscoring its pivotal role in global trade facilitation. To streamline cargo processing and ensure enhanced security measures, the airport has deployed 28 dual-view X-ray machines dedicated to international general cargo processing.

Recognizing the growing volume of Bangladeshi cargo passing through the airport, additional resources have been allocated to handle this specific category efficiently. Five extra X-ray machines have been strategically augmented to accommodate the burgeoning influx of Bangladesh cargo, mitigating the risk of congestion and ensuring uninterrupted flow for general cargo processing operations.

The seamless transshipment operations at Delhi Airport stand as a testament to its commitment to bolstering international trade and fostering robust economic ties with key global partners. By providing a conducive ecosystem for cargo handling and logistics, the airport continues to serve as a vital conduit for facilitating the seamless flow of goods across borders, thereby driving economic growth and fostering global connectivity.

In conclusion, Delhi Airport’s successful transshipment of over 8,000 metric tonnes of Bangladeshi cargo underscores its pivotal role as a facilitator of international trade and commerce. With streamlined processes, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a strategic geographic location, the airport remains at the forefront of shaping the future of global logistics and supply chain management.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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