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India’s Political Stability Ensures Bold Decisions for Decades Ahead: Jaishankar

India’s External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, has expressed unwavering confidence in India’s political stability, foreseeing a continuation of stable governance for the next decade or even two. Speaking at the Nikkei Forum on India-Japan Special Strategic Partnership, Jaishankar emphasized the pivotal role of long-term political stability in enabling governments to make bold decisions.

Responding to inquiries about India’s political landscape and its potential impact on foreign policy, Jaishankar asserted that India is poised to experience 15 years or more of stable governance. He remarked, “Every country, every society is different, so what can apply to India need not always be the same for other countries. But our own experience was that the lack of stability in politics or not having a majority in the Parliament to take bold decisions makes a very big difference.”

Highlighting the significance of having a reformist and visionary leadership with substantial political backing, Jaishankar underscored the correlation between political mandate and decision-making prowess. He noted, “If you have a reformist leadership with a vision, with a commitment and that leadership is backed by a very strong political mandate… then it leads to bold decisions.”

Jaishankar further elaborated on the importance of political stability in ensuring policy continuity, particularly for investors considering long-term commitments in India. He emphasized that investors, both domestic and foreign, rely heavily on political stability when evaluating the risk associated with investing in a country.

Reflecting on India’s recent political history, Jaishankar expressed satisfaction with the political stability observed over the past decade. He asserted his confidence in the continuity of this stability in the years to come.

Jaishankar’s visit to Japan from March 6-8 aimed to bolster bilateral exchanges and lay the groundwork for future cooperation between the two nations. During his visit, he engaged in various diplomatic dialogues, including the 16th India-Japan Foreign Minister’s Strategic Dialogue and the Raisina Roundtable, underscoring India’s commitment to strengthening ties with Japan.

In conclusion, Jaishankar’s remarks underscore India’s commitment to political stability as a cornerstone of its governance framework. With a visionary leadership and strong political mandate, India is poised to make bold decisions and ensure policy continuity, fostering an environment conducive to both domestic and foreign investment.

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Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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