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March 3, 2024

Ludhiana Residents Decry Municipal Mismanagement of Funds Amid Road Redesign

Residents of Ludhiana are raising concerns over the alleged mismanagement of funds by the Municipal Corporation (MC), particularly regarding the ongoing redesign of roads in the city. Locals accuse the MC of unnecessary spending on beautification projects and road refurbishments that are deemed unwarranted.

The latest contention revolves around the decision to remove interlocking tiles from various intersections on Malhar Road, a thoroughfare previously redesigned as part of the Smart City project. While initially intended to enhance the road’s aesthetic appeal, the recent move to widen it has drawn criticism from citizens. Similarly, shopkeepers from the Sarabha Nagar police station market have voiced their dissatisfaction with the perceived misuse of public funds. They question the need for re-carpeting cemented roads in areas that were already in good condition.

Kapil Arora, president of the council of engineers, has called for a Central government investigation into the matter, citing violations of established protocols. He plans to lodge a formal complaint with the Ministry of Urban Affairs, emphasizing that alterations to Malhar Road were initiated without completing the beautification work, contrary to legal requirements.

Residents like Gurpreet Singh of Sarabha Nagar lament the removal of tiles on Malhar Road and the subsequent creation of parking slots, which encroach upon pedestrian pathways. They urge state authorities to initiate an inquiry and hold accountable those responsible for what they perceive as a wasteful expenditure.

Shop owners, such as Abhi Sandhu from Sandhu Artwork, echo similar sentiments, expressing dismay over the unnecessary damage inflicted on roads that were in satisfactory condition. Mamta Ashu, a former councilor, denounces the MC’s actions as a blatant squandering of public funds, alleging ulterior motives behind the unwarranted redevelopment projects.

Responding to the outcry, MC commissioner Sandeep Rishi has promised to investigate the matter and ensure that funds are utilized judiciously. He acknowledges receiving requests for changes to Malhar Road but emphasizes the need for proper authorization before initiating any work.

The controversy underscores broader concerns regarding financial accountability and transparency within the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation. As residents demand accountability and fiscal prudence, the MC faces mounting pressure to justify its expenditure decisions and prioritize essential infrastructure needs over cosmetic enhancements.

Rajan Shukla

Rajan Shukla

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