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Yash Chopra Stood Firm: Refused to Alter Lamhe’s Ending Despite Industry Pressure

Yash Chopra’s iconic film “Lamhe” might have faced a rough reception at the box office upon its release in 1991, but its legacy has endured over the years. Despite the initial setback, the film’s enduring impact owes much to the unwavering conviction of its creator, Yash Chopra, who steadfastly refused to alter its ending despite pressure from within the industry.

The revelation comes from the film’s writer, Honey Irani, who disclosed in an interview how Chopra remained resolute in his vision for the film’s climax despite numerous suggestions from peers to change it. Irani recalled how Chopra, known for his penchant for innovation, entrusted her with a one-line brief and urged her to craft the script for “Lamhe.”

Despite the film’s unconventional take on love and relationships, Irani meticulously penned the screenplay in just 15 days, staying true to Chopra’s vision. However, upon narrating the script to Chopra, Irani was initially met with silence, leaving her disheartened. It was only later, with Chopra’s embrace and approval, that Irani realized the significance of her work.

Despite the film’s lukewarm reception at the box office, Chopra remained steadfast in his decision not to alter the film’s ending. Even in the face of criticism and suggestions to change the climax, Chopra remained committed to his initial vision. Irani revealed that Chopra’s response was simple yet profound: “I will use this end only, nahi chalegi toh nahi chalegi” (It’s fine if the film will not work).

Chopra’s unwavering conviction in the face of adversity reflects his dedication to his craft and his refusal to compromise artistic integrity for commercial success. Although “Lamhe” may have initially faltered at the box office, its eventual cult status stands as a testament to Chopra’s foresight and willingness to challenge conventional norms.

Despite Chopra’s disappointment at the film’s commercial reception, its eventual acclaim and recognition as a cinematic gem reaffirmed his belief in the importance of staying true to one’s artistic vision. As “Lamhe” continues to resonate with audiences, it serves as a reminder of Chopra’s enduring legacy and his refusal to bow to industry pressure.

Rajan Shukla

Rajan Shukla

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