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March 2, 2024

Mamitha Baiju Clarifies Misconstrued Statement Regarding Director Bala: “No Physical or Mental Harm Experienced”

Actor Mamitha Baiju recently found herself at the center of controversy after her statement about working with director Bala raised eyebrows. In an interview with a Malayalam YouTube channel, Mamitha claimed that during the shooting of the film Vanangaan, directed by Bala, she was scolded and physically reprimanded by the filmmaker. However, Mamitha has now taken to Instagram to clarify that her statement was misconstrued and taken out of context.

In her Instagram post, Mamitha addressed the circulating rumors, stating, “The news being circulated online regarding my involvement with a Tamil film is absolutely baseless. An excerpt from a film promotion interview has been taken out of context and is being misquoted to create this irresponsible headline.” She further emphasized, “I have not experienced any mental or physical harm or any other sort of abusive behavior during my work on that film.”

Mamitha’s clarification comes amidst speculations that her departure from the project Vanangaan was a result of Bala’s alleged behavior. However, she refutes these claims, asserting that her exit from the film was solely due to professional commitments. Additionally, Mamitha clarified that the decision to leave the project was unrelated to any negative experiences with the director.

In her initial interview, Mamitha had recounted an incident during the shooting, expressing her discomfort with Bala’s directing style. She mentioned feeling unprepared for a particular scene and being scolded and even physically disciplined by the director. However, she did not attribute her departure from the project to this incident but rather emphasized her preparedness for such interactions on set.

Vanangaan, featuring Suriya and Mamitha in the lead roles, is slated for release this summer. Despite the earlier controversy, Mamitha’s recent clarification aims to dispel any misconceptions surrounding her relationship with director Bala and her experience working on the film. As she looks forward to the release of Vanangaan, Mamitha Baiju seeks to put an end to the unwarranted speculation and focus on her professional endeavors in the entertainment industry.

Rajan Shukla

Rajan Shukla

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