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March 2, 2024

IAMAI Issues Warning to Google India Over App Delisting Threats Amidst Billing Policy Disputes

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has issued a cautionary statement to Google India, urging the tech giant to refrain from delisting any apps from the Google Play Store amidst ongoing disputes over billing policies. This warning from IAMAI comes in response to Google’s recent threat to remove apps that fail to comply with its Play Store billing norms.

Confirming the receipt of notices from Google, IAMAI highlighted that at least four of its members have been urged by the tech giant to adhere to Play Store billing policies. However, IAMAI emphasized the need for fair treatment and urged Google to abstain from taking coercive actions while substantive hearings are pending before the Supreme Court of India.

In response to IAMAI’s concerns, Google reiterated its commitment to enforcing its billing policies consistently across the board. Despite extending support to over 200,000 Indian developers who comply with these policies, Google emphasized the necessity of uniform adherence to create a level playing field for all developers and apps on the platform.

Google clarified that while it has provided developers with ample time to align with its billing norms, consistent enforcement of these policies is essential to maintain the integrity of the Play Store ecosystem. As part of its enforcement measures, Google warned of the potential removal of non-compliant apps from the Play Store, although it assured existing users of uninterrupted access to these apps.

Additionally, Google offered support to developers in achieving compliance with its billing policies, inviting them to resubmit their apps with one of the three billing options outlined in its payment policy. The tech giant highlighted the significant contribution of Indian developers who adhere to these policies, underscoring the importance of a secure and compliant platform for all users.

Despite the support extended to developers, Google expressed disappointment in companies that choose not to comply with its policies while benefiting from the platform’s value. It emphasized the need for consistent enforcement to ensure a fair and transparent environment for all developers and users alike.

Overall, IAMAI’s warning to Google India and Google’s reaffirmation of its commitment to enforcing billing policies underscore the ongoing tensions between tech giants and app developers over regulatory compliance and fair treatment within digital ecosystems.

Rajan Shukla

Rajan Shukla

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