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Meet Dolly Chaiwala: The Internet Sensation Rewriting Tea-Serving Norms, Earns Praise from Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, is currently making waves in India, exploring the country’s vibrant culture and sharing his experiences on social media. Among his encounters is a memorable interaction with an internet sensation known as Dolly Chaiwala, whose innovative approach to serving tea has captured widespread attention.

In a video shared on Instagram, Gates commended the innovative spirit of Indians, highlighting the unique charm of Dolly Chaiwala’s tea-making style. “In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn—even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!,” Gates captioned the video, showcasing his appreciation for the ingenuity displayed by Dolly Chaiwala.

Who exactly is Dolly Chaiwala? Operating a roadside tea stall near the old VCA stadium in Nagpur’s Sadar area, Dolly Chaiwala has become an internet sensation with his distinctive tea-making techniques. While his true identity remains a mystery, his videos have garnered millions of views online, showcasing his flair for creating tea in his own unique manner.

Beyond just the tea itself, Dolly Chaiwala’s interactions with customers, including his unconventional way of keeping cigarettes, have further endeared him to tea enthusiasts, ensuring that his stall is always bustling with activity.

Interestingly, when Bill Gates unknowingly sampled Dolly Chaiwala’s tea, the internet erupted with excitement. However, Dolly Chaiwala himself was unaware of the identity of his esteemed guest until the following day when the video went viral.

Reflecting on the unexpected encounter, Dolly Chaiwala shared his perspective with news agency ANI, saying, “I was not aware at all. I thought that he was a guy from a foreign country so I should serve him tea. The next day when I came back to Nagpur, then I came across ‘Maine kisko chai pilaya.’ He (Bill Gates) said ‘Wow, Dolly ki Chai.’ We did not speak at all, he was standing just beside me, and I was busy with my work.”

Expressing his delight at the newfound recognition, Dolly Chaiwala revealed that Gates’ team had contacted him and flown him to Hyderabad for a project. Despite his initial lack of awareness about Gates’ fame, he now feels proud to be known as “Nagpur ka Dolly chai wala” and aspires to serve tea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the future.

As Dolly Chaiwala’s journey continues to captivate audiences, his story serves as a testament to the power of innovation and the unexpected opportunities that arise from embracing one’s unique talents.


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